Monday, February 9, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Cast Announced

I know I'm a little late with this list, but here it is anyway. ABC has announced the new cast for the hit television reality series Dancing With the Stars.
The new contestant list consists of:

  • Lil Kim - Rapper. (Isn't she supposed to be in jail?)
  • Steve-O - Jackass. (No, seriously. He's in the show Jackass)
  • Nancy O'Dell - Co-Host of Access Hollywood.
  • Lawrence Taylor - Football Player.
  • Shawn Johnson - Olympic Gymnast. (I'm rooting for her.)
  • Chuck Wicks - Country Singer. (Who?)
  • Gillis Marini - Actor. (Again, who?)
  • Denise Richards - Actress.
  • Steve Wozniak - Co-Founder of Apple.
  • Belinda Carlisle - Singer. (Best know as lead singer from the Go-Go's)
  • David Alan Grier - Actor.
  • Ty Murray- Rodeo Athlete (...)
  • Jewel - Singer/Songwriter (Maybe she'll be the gem of the dance floor. Haha, get it? Jewel, gem...oh nevermind..)
And that concludes the list! The new season starts March 9 @ 8/7 c.
Here's the link to the official pages :

Till next time!!